July 22nd, 2017

History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes


Sixty-odd years ago, at the height of the Cold War, the Australian Labor Party (a predominantly working class political party founded in the union movement, and with a large, largely Irish and Italian, Catholic constituency) was torn apart when a faction of social and religious conservatives, citing the threat of Communism, split off to form the Democratic Labor Party. Led by Catholic hardliner B.A. Santamaria, the DLP would keep the ALP in opposition for almost two decades, giving the (right of centre, and then predominantly mainstream Protestant) Liberal Party a long spell in office. Now, lead by Santamaria's intellectual heirs, the same thing may be happening again—this time to the Liberal Party.

The two heirs are the former Prime Minister and lapsed seminarian Tony Abbott, best known for undermining governments, biting into raw onions and other displays of machismo, who cited Santamaria as his inspiration for entering politics, and Cory Bernardi, a fellow ultraconservative, who recently left the Liberal Party to found a new party, the Australian Conservatives. Abbott is pushing the Liberal Party to change its candidate selection processes, allowing the rank and file (recently swollen with the membership of outer-suburban megachurches) more control, while Bernardi's Conservatives (recently merged with the Pentecostal/Dominionist party Family First) are threatening to take part of the Liberals' member base should this fail.



Nintendo trademark suggests Nintendo 64 Classic Edition [Polygon] "Nintendo may be planning to release the next iteration of its "Classics" console series: the Nintendo 64, if recent European trademark filings from the company are any indication. On July 18, Nintendo filed four graphical trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Each one is a simple piece of black-and-white line art, a 2D graphical representation of a Nintendo console or controller."

Wet White Shirt


Jane Austen died 200 years ago this year. There are events planned. There are too many adaptations to list, though most will cite the BBC's production of Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth in a wet white shirt. Australian improv artists and rappers Sense and Spontaneity pay tribute to the scene, which wasn't in the book, in Dear Mr. Darcy. Jane's portrait will soon feature on the British £10 note.

Color Our Collections - Again!


#ColorOurCollections "is a week-long coloring fest organized by 107 libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions around the world. Using materials from their collections, these institutions are sharing free coloring content with the hashtag #ColorOurCollections and inviting their followers to color and get creative with their collections."

This year, 107 institutions from around the world are taking part!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/ColorOurCollections?src=hash
Last year, from flex.

Syria's refugees are feeding the world


Food has always been at the heart of Syrian identity, and for nearly a million refugees that is true in a new, sharper way. When homes are destroyed and families scattered, food is a rare constant. It can also be a means of survival. For those who have lost jobs and professional status, cooking is an easily transferable skill, so conflict tends to spread cuisines.
~ source article

This is the Night Mail crossing the border, bringing the cheque ...


"This is the Night Mail crossing the border, bringing the cheque and postal order." The traveling post office, the specially designed and operated mail-sorting train, was invented in 1838 and documented as Night Mail in 1936. The British short film has become a classic of its own kind, much imitated (and parodied) by adverts and modern film shorts. Night Mail is widely considered a masterpiece of the British Documentary Film Movement, and schoolchildren often memorize W.H. Auden's "Night Mail," the ending poem that was added as almost an afterthought.

HOT Wheels!


Do you like Hot Wheels cars? YouTube user baremetalHW does. On his channel, he does all sorts of restorations and customization of old, worn out toy cars, as well as tips and tricks for folks who might want to try it themselves.

Some examples of his work:

A "Mad Max" Batmobile.
A custom two-tone paint job.
Electropolishing corroded Hot Wheels.
How to remove scratches from plastic windshields.
Building a Hot Wheels lowrider.
How to spot scams at Hot Wheels resellers.
Restoring a vintage Matchbox Ford Mustang.
A custom T-Bird.

He also has a whole playlist of how-to tips and tricks.

Mr. Slippery and Erythrina are not on the list


Everyone knows the correct name for a raccoon is Trash Panda, but did you know about Duck Puppies?
And you can probably guess the common name for a Fart Squirrel without peeking, but how about a Land Cloud? Bread Moisturizer (not an animal)? Or my favorite, the Dogtor? A few more are here; check out @CorrectNames for the rest.